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Serviced Accomodation for Corporate and Contractor Accommodation

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Find your perfect stay

Select Stays provides you with ideal home from home accommodation. Whether you are relocating, travelling on business, having house repairs or exploring a new city, we cater for you. We offer extended stays within our self-catering holiday accommodation to meet your needs.

Indulge in luxury amenities

Our rentals come equipped with top-of-the-line amenities for the ultimate luxury experience, from high-end toiletries to premium linens.

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Stay in unique and exclusive prime locations

Our rentals are handpicked for their unique and exclusive locations that offer both comfort & luxury experience.

Unmatched attention to detail.

Our properties are carefully selected to provide an exceptional experience, with attention to every detail, from the decor to the amenities.


Contracted Apartments

Our apartments offer a convenient solution for companies with staff frequently traveling to a specific location. By booking in advance, staff can stay for 3 months or more at a highly discounted nightly rate. This arrangement ensures guaranteed availability, eliminating the need to pay premium rates for back-to-back short stays elsewhere.

Select Stay Apartments are fully furnished and equipped with all essential items for a comfortable stay, including homeware, linen, electrical appliances, kitchen, and bathroom necessities. The nightly rate includes all utility costs and usage charges, making the booking process easy and cost-effective. Guests only need to bring their personal belongings, making their stay convenient and hassle-free.

Corporate Accomodation

As a business you can benefit from our exclusive corporate rates for our Serviced Accomodation. If you have regular demand for corporate accommodation in our areas we can offer you the most competitive prices for apartments in London and urban UK cities as well in the surrounding areas.

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